Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

Sue May MBE New Story

Name: Sue. 


Age: 63 (50 when diagnosed following a seizure in car). 


Tumour type: Frontal left lobe meningioma Size of a large cooking apple Grade 1.


Diagnosis date: 09/09/2010. 


Symptoms: None but on reflection afterwards I had encountered extreme headaches which I had ignored. 


Treatment/Recovery: Craniotomy – debulking most on 15/09/10 but some residual left 2010  – 10  days in Spires Hospital in Southampton (Mr Paul Grundy)  Some word loss but this improved with time.  


Support from Charity: No support charity did not exist. 


How they felt emotionally point of diagnosis: TBC


The future: Left with balance issues and head and neck pain and extreme fatigue and task overwhelm. Returned to work 18 months after operation. Was unable drive for 18 months. The future is annual scans.


Felt very blessed to have survived and to have recovered so well under the circumstances. Every day is an extra!