Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

About Us

Jersey Brain Tumour Charity (formally The Sue May Brain Tumour Society) was originally formed 1 July 2011 to help and support the residents of Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

The inspiration behind this charity is through Sue’s own personal experience and journey, she has recognised the many challenges a brain tumour diagnosis can bring.

Over the past 12 years the charity has grown and developed and has already helped and supported many Jersey residents.

Our mission is to ensure that anybody who experiences a brain tumour in Jersey be they a patient, their family, relative, friend or work colleague have access to information, practical and emotional support.


Our support is confidential and may come by way of:

  • Guidance and / or information on what you may expect or what can make things easier before, after and during a person’s treatment.
  • Practical support where dealing with day to day events may prove challenging e.g. being unable to drive, shop etc.
  • Offer advice where there may be issues surrounding medical insurance, returning to work.
  • Through our network signpost you to other professionals and other organisations that can help you further or more appropriately.

Sue May MBE and the trustees believe that what she has experienced and continues to experience can help others and they remain committed to make a difference following Sue May MBE’s personal journey.

Our values

The Jersey Brain Tumour Committee aspire to high standards of governance in order to ensure public confidence and support. We are committed to acting as a Jersey community resource through the provision of practical and emotional support to brain tumour patients, their families and friends. Financial assistance is for the benefit of residents of Jersey. We will be open in the conduct of our affairs, except where there is a need to respect confidentiality.

Origins of our charity

On August 9th, 2010 Sue May MBE suddenly had a brain seizure while driving to work and was diagnosed with a meningioma which fortunately turned out to be benign.

2 weeks later and she had a further shock when she was told that she had been born with the tumour and over the years it had attached itself to her skull and she would need to have a titanium metal plate fitted in her head (a craniotomy).

The operation performed on 15th September 2010 was a success and Sue was fortunate to suffer no long-term after-effects.

Despite being fiercely independent her recovery was long, frustrating and challenging with initially severe headaches 24 hours a day and where sleep became her only escape from pain. Sue felt driven to use her experience to help others by raising awareness, providing practical and emotional support and financial assistance when needed.

For her she says “it was the little things” that helped her the most and the massive support she received from family and friends.

Today she considers herself to be so lucky to just “be here!”

It is important to her that she uses her experience to help others and their families hence the formation of the Jersey Brain Tumour Charity. As she now says:

Everyday is a gift.


Lady Dalton, Patron
The Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

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