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Linda Kermin's Story

Working mother of 5, Linda tells her story…

I considered myself to be a relatively fit & healthy lady with quite a strong character the 31st of January 2011 changed all that.


I cycled into work sat at my desk & then woke up in A & E. I had suffered a seizure which had left me with a badly bitten tongue a gash to my head & a black eye – I remembered nothing.


I was informed by the medical team that a seizure was quite common & I was discharged.


I went home and cried I was in deep shock & when my children came home from school & saw me they were visibly upset. Two days later an appointment came through for a cat scan in two weeks & an appointment with the neurologist inthree months time. I had now had time to think & come to terms with what had happened to me & I knew something was seriously wrong.


I went to see the neurologist privately & the following day underwent a brain scan & although the radiologist could not give me the results there & then I knew he had seen something. My phone rang at 9am the following day requesting me to pop into the neurologist’s clinic at 2pm that day where he informed me that I had a very large meningioma tumour on my brain which needed to be removed as quickly as possible. I felt numb & sick my husband & I held each other & vowed to be strong.


Telling the family & friends & also work colleagues who had witnessed the seizure proved very tough indeed. Within days we were in London the surgeon explained the procedure pointing out the risks & driving home the fact that this was a matter of urgency with the operation taking place the following day. Unfortunately I suffered another seizure & although I am not a particularly religious person I thanked God that I was in the best place & the op was postponed it was only months later that my husband told me that the doctors had warned him that if I suffered a seizure during surgery he would be travelling back to Jersey alone.


I am delighted to say that the operation was a complete success & after only just over a week I was desperate to return home to my children & family. The day we walked into the arrivals lounge still brings a tear all my family were there waiting crying with relief & anticipation. The next few months proved tough the medication was very powerful I looked dreadful & I lost a great deal of weight. I had good & bad days I had hundreds of cards & phone calls wishing me well I realised how many people cared & how much I loved my husband & family.


I was unable to drive for a year neighbours family & friends were exceptional offering lifts & helping out with the children. Six months later I was back on my beloved bike a little nervous but determined. I have now made a full recovery receiving regular MRI scans & check up’s.


I know that I am extremely lucky & I have gone on to meet some wonderful friends who have been through the same experience & one thing that we all seem to agree on is that it was comforting at the time to have someone else to talk to who had been there to.


Although you may sometimes feel it you are never alone.