Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

JR's Story

My journey started with some tinnitus in my right ear in early 2012, then a numb right side of body, then a leg break playing sport.

I ended up on a ward at the end of July 2012 and after an MRI, I was told that I had a glioblastoma multiforme, grade 4 in an inoperable part of my brain.


I can have some radiotherapy and some chemotherapy but they explained that the process would be ‘preventative ’ not ‘curative’ and that the typical life expectancy at this stage was 12-18 months… joy.


Well I write this in about month 19 and my mobility is almost gone but am getting wonderful support from professionals, friends and family. The hardest part is the feeling of guilt of letting my 8 year old and 6 year old children down, but as my wife says I am letting them down more by dwelling on it… just get on with the best you can do… of course she’s right.


I can’t offer much advice… take all the help you can get, Hospice, the Occupational Therapists, the Charities. My friends and family have been amazing!


If able bodied, get some things done… I have managed… Lapland ,Monaco, Chausey, Legoland, Morocco, Sark! Tour de France… it’s been a good year!… forget expense! I have lots of good memories to recall! Children had a ball.


Good motto to finish… Celebrate the things you can do, don’t mourn the things you can’t!