Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

Fiona Pott's Story

Name: Fiona

Age: 54 (51 when diagnosed)

Tumour type: Right sided Parafacline Occipital Meningioma  4.5cm x 3.8cm Grade 1

Diagnosis Date: 23/4/21

Symptoms: Vertigo, tinnitus, headache, visual changes

Treatment/Recovery: Craniotomy – debulking  29/10/21 – 5 days in National Hospital Neurology and Neurosurgery London (Mr Kitchen)


Support from Charity: Buddies meeting and contact from counsellor pre surgery, counselling post surgery, access to free bus travel for independence


The future: Left with peripheral vision loss, nerve damage in neck, short term memory.

Returned to work March 22, full time and in a new role!

Was unable drive until July 22, and can now drive in the day time currently.

The future is annual scans for 5 years and check for regrowth, if nothing after 5 years and will move to 5 year scans.

Looking to try and restore some normality, however at point of diagnosis my life changed and went in a different direction.

I think in some ways made me look at things differently, towards work and life balance, family and friendship and appreciate the small things in life.