Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

A Daughter's Story (aged 11)

It was a very emotional time and I found out what it was by the internet and I asked questions.

When I knew it was true I was devastated and so many emotions were in my head like what will happen?  Who would look after me? How would my Mummy cope?

But most of all the main person who I was worried was my Mummy she must have been shocked and scared. I asked my Daddy and grown up people as I didn’t understand and I needed to know what would happen to my brother and I.

Every day and night I thought so many feelings and the best way to deal with it was ask Mummy how she was and see if she was happy or sad and it felt like she was there in the centre of my heart. 

The night before the operation I thought this might be the last time I might see my Mummy and she sacrifices a lot of things for my brother and I and I don’t want any other children or families to not have support in this kind of situation. My Mummy wants to help other families so they do not feel as heartbroken as it was for my family. It was very hard but if I could do it, then anyone could get through the journey of emotions.