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My Brain Box and brainstrust

About brainstrust

brainstrust supports people living with a brain tumour and their loved ones. Their mission is to ensure everyone with a brain tumour is supported and resourced to live the life they want, because we are people first, and patients second. brainstrust promotes community voices in clinical research to improve the lives of people living with a brain tumour, today. They also campaign to raise awareness of the impact of brain tumours and end fear and loneliness in the brain tumour community.

About the brain box

We know how difficult things can be when you are diagnosed with a brain tumour. There’s so much new information to process and decisions you never thought you’d be making. We created the brain box as the must have toolkit for people living with a brain tumour diagnosis. 

The brain box is tailored to each individual’s situation and contains the essential resources you need to help you feel better resourced and more in control. 

“My brain box arrived today. I wish I know about it two years ago. This should be something all brain tumour sufferers and family members should be advised of.”

About the partnership with JBTC

Collaboration is an essential part of our approach to securing the best outcomes for anyone who is living with a brain tumour which is why we’re so pleased to be working with Jersey Brain Tumour Charity. People diagnosed with a brain tumour on the Island of Jersey face unique challenges with isolation and complex care pathways where travel is required to the mainland UK. This partnership with Jersey Brain Tumour Charity is helping make sure that these people have the support they need in the face of these complex challenges.

Our partnership with Brainstrust allows us to work towards a common goal of highlighting the information and guidance available for people with a brain tumour diagnosis, By joining forces, we can amplify our impact and bring hope and support to those who need it most.
The brainboxes are an invaluable toolkit and provide some much needed information for patients and families  Together, we can make a difference.

Fiona Potts JBTC Trustee – Marketing and Comm

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