Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

2022 has been a very eventful and fulfilling year for JBTC.

We have had some memorable and heart-warming moments, and so many positive outcomes, which makes what we do so worthwhile. We can end the year on a high, with the announcement of new trustees.

We value the support of all volunteers and trustees , if we didn’t have them, in simple terms we wouldn’t have a charity.

They allocate time, enthusiasm and skills to ensure we hit our objectives and goals.

We have strengthened our team for 2023, and appointed some new faces.

Fiona Potts and Rebecca Harris who join with our current trustees Chair Sue May MBE, Helen Grant, Carol Graham and Tracey Emmerson.

Our sincere thanks to Warren Simmons, Stuart Gibson and Marisca Theron who retired as trustees this year and whose contributions we have very much valued and appreciated.

If you are able to volunteer your time as a trustee for The Jersey Brain Tumour Charity we would encourage you to step forward.

By giving your time, you can make a positive impact to our cause, become involved in the local community and have the opportunity to learn more about the not-for-profit sector. Being a trustee is rewarding, enriching and meaningful work

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