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Facts: 25% of brain tumours are confirmed as low-grade tumours

Facts: 25% of brain tumours are confirmed as low-grade tumours, which is of course is the news people with this diagnosis would like to hear.

Brain tumours are graded 1 to 4 1, 1 being low grade 4 being high grade. They are not spoken as being benign and cancerous, as they are all space occupying lesions, and any grade can be life limiting and/or life changing.

Not all disabilities can be seen, plus the mental health side of recovery is key.

When patients have a good recovery often the response by others is to say… “Gosh, you look so well I bet you are pleased that is over now”

There are still ongoing issues that are hidden from people, the healing is not visible like a broken leg or arm.

The Jersey Brain Charity Tumour, provide continuous support pre and post operative for patients and family, which is so vitally needed.

Your support helps provide counselling sessions and group support which is a lifeline for our patients.

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