Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

Mental Health: Many brain tumour patients put on a fantastic armour of bravery to protect their family and friends.

Saying things like: “All will be well” “I am going to be fine”

However, in the dark hours and when they are alone, it is a very different story they are scared and frightened and have no idea what the future will look like for them.

This is the crippling type of anxiety they have to manage every day. This can happen at any point pre and post surgery.

At the Jersey Brain Tumour Charity, we understand that it is never over and that life will never be the same for them again.

It is just something they need to manage for the rest of their life, fatigue, daily headaches, balance issues, depression, memory loss to name just a few.

The Jersey Brain Charity Tumour, provide continuous support pre and post operative for patients and family, which is so vitally needed.

Your support helps provide counselling sessions and group support which is a life line for our patient.

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