Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

Item 1

Artwork - Corbiere

In the charming landscapes of Jersey , the renowned heather plant thrives, adorning the rocky crevices with its small yet vibrant blossoms. This hardy plant, perfectly suited to the local climate, forms dense clusters that defy the rocky terrain, while keeping their roots firmly anchored in the soil. These blooms, which primarily grace the summer season, exhibit an array of colours including purple, pink, white, and even shades of red.


Recently, Lishu dedicated her artistic skills to creating a representation of Jersey Island’s iconic lighthouse with a World War II-era German bunker, a lasting relic of the island’s history. This scenic tableau has become a cherished favourite among both tourists and locals alike. In a deliberate artistic gesture, I adorned the foreground with a profusion of beautiful and courageous heather, symbolizing the unwavering bravery and resilience of the island’s inhabitants, who hold a deep affection for their homeland.

About the Artist - Lishu Denton

In 2018, Lishu was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent surgery in China. This experience was undoubtedly one of the most challenging periods of her  life. She now wants to support others who are going through similar experiences. JBTC provides vital support to individuals and families affected by brain tumours, offering emotional and practical support, as well as funding research into better treatments.


As someone who has personally experienced the impact of brain tumours, she knows how important it is to have access to the right care and support.


Item 2

Artwork - Caution Flying Toaster!!

About the Artist - Mark Holley – Triple H

Triple H likes to paint on a big scale. Some of the paintings are over 6 feet, these are acrylic paintings on board. Smaller paintings on canvas and board are also produced. He has a contemporary feel, and has limited editions prints as well as commissions of large murals. He also designs legal graffiti on surf boards to bedroom walls.  Influenced by street and subway art from the early 80’s in NYC! 


Item 3

Artwork - Noctures -
Rocco Evening

(oil on linen 36" x 48")

About the Artist - Brian Clarke

Brian Clarke (born 1942) is a contemporary oil painter based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Underlying his work are themes of quietude and solitude, with a sense of the spiritual. He works on themes with a series of paintings, seeking to express a representation of the subject.


His work can be an abstraction that illustrates the subject, often with elements found by close interest.


During his professional working life Brian kept his creative side alive with adult education classes in pottery and watercolour painting, starting with oils on retirement, and he recalls, ‘It was like a revelation, with oils you can build, layer, sculpt, texture and shape, like pottery in two dimensions.’ 


With oil painting as his primary interest in 2013 he enrolled in an oil painting diploma with the Norfolk Painting School, gaining a grounding in the methods and materials of oil painting. Since then, Brian has been painting five days a week exploring topics and influences, discovering rapport between shape, form, and colour which has evolved into his individualistic, inclusive, and empathic quietude style.


Item 4

Artwork - L’Etacq Beach at Low Tide

(58cm x 68cm in recycled frames)

About the Artist - John Joseph Resin Artist

Inspired by living at L’Etacq for four years, and taking his sons down to the beach at every opportunity, exploring the rock pools and enjoying the sand and sea. 


This piece is part of a pair of complimentary paintings reflecting the beauty of the sea shore at L’Etacq, pink-orange outcrops of granite among the golden sand and bright blue rock pools at low tide.  One will be auctioned at the ball and the other will be available to purchase at a discounted rate.


John choses to use the medium of  resin art because resin enhances light and colour in such a magical way. Resin is a difficult and demanding medium to work with. This adds a high degree of challenge to his art work and at the same time allows him to experiment with colour pigments, inks and textures. His interest in biological cells and natural structures  is reflected in many aspects of my current work.