The Jersey Brain Tumour Charity provides a service that helps brain tumour patients of any age living on Jersey, their families and friends cope physically and emotionally with the changes that inevitably happen because of a Brain Tumour diagnosis.

1. We provide practical help:

  • Home visits
  • Befriending and buddying
  • Assistance with shopping and daily activities
  • Help at home
  • Access to support groups
  • Access to local leisure and social activities
  • If you are unable to continue to drive we provide free transportation to medical appointments and for outings

2. We provide financial support :

To assist with medical expenses and travel/accommodation costs to the UK if related to your treatment for you and your family and friends.

3. We provide emotional support, information and advice:

With more than 120 different types of tumours we can put you in touch with people who can help you understand the complexities of your tumour and what treatment options are available ?

  • What symptoms should you be aware of, and how is a brain tumour diagnosed?
  • What questions to ask?
  • What to expect?
  • What online and offline resources are out there for brain tumour patients, families, and friends?
  • How to get help from health providers and social services as well as voluntary organisations
  • One to one or family sessions with our highly experienced Support Worker, Teresa
  • Bespoke 1:1 Coaching
  • Back to work advice and support

Call us on
Freephone 01534 510867 or call the office on 510867