One to One Counselling

When you need it.

We can offer one to one sessions with our paitent support worker or for ongoing more personal support with one of our third party fully qualified emotional support workers.

We provide bespoke emotional support tailored to help those affected by a brain tumour diagnosis be that patient, partner, family, friend or work colleague regardless of when the diagnosis was made.

Counselling or emotional support can help individuals overcome emotional difficulties. During the session they can work with you to explore fears and anxieties together and discuss ways of living life in a more satisfying and resourceful way, this is the overall aim.

During the session together you may look at:

• What is causing the emotional disturbance
• What are the expectations of counselling
• What are the choices in respect of the presenting situation

Our support workers will honour the issues a client chooses to bring to the session, in a non-judgemental,confidential environment.

To make an appointment please call us 510867 or email

We also provide a 24 hour helpline : 01534 510867