Launch of Worldwide Clinical Trial Database

Sun 30 March 2014

A drive to match brain tumour patients with clinical trials around the world was launched on 28th March 2014 on The Brain Tumour Charity’s website.

The project aims to help patients access the most accurate and up-to-date information about trials for new brain tumour treatments and find out whether or not they are eligible to take part.

It will be supported by a telephone helpline (0125 2749 999 or via email at run by a team at The Brain Tumour Charity who can guide patients through the information available.

The Head of Support and Information at The Brain Tumour Charity, said “the creation of this database is empowering people through information. It may be that they find there are no clinical trials suitable for them but at least they will know that, rather than wondering whether there is a trial out there that they could be taking part in”.

The database is provided on The Brain Tumour Charity website by Your Treatment Choices. It allows people to put in their specific condition and their location in order to find out where they might access an appropriate clinical trial.

Many brain tumour patients are currently given little or no help with exploring clinical trial possibilities.
In a UK-wide survey last year, almost three out of four brain tumour patients (73%) said their medical team had not discussed clinical trials with them. Almost a quarter (24%) were unsure and just 3% said clinical trials had been mentioned during their contact with healthcare professionals. The survey was carried out by The Brain Tumour Charity and the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) - Brain Tumour Clinical Studies Group. In a previous survey by Cancer Research UK, 91% of patients with cancer thought people should be asked if they wanted to take part in a clinical trial.

Source: The Brain Tumour Charity. Accessed: 30/03/14

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