UK MPs to debate brain tumour petition report

Mon 11 April 2016

The eyes have it…

A call for UK Government action to prioritise brain tumour awareness and research funding will be debated in the House of Commons on April 18.

The debate will centre on a report, Funding for research into brain tumours, which was produced by the House of Commons Petitions Committee in response to a petition by Maria Realf, who lost her younger brother Stephen to a brain tumour.

The Petitions Committee report says that brain tumour patients are being ‘failed repeatedly’ and calls for measures including:

* Increased investment into research
* Greater awareness of brain tumours to help reduce diagnosis delays;
* A review of the guidelines for GPs on referral of children with suspected cancer

The debate in Westminster Hall at 4.30pm on April 18 will provide an opportunity to raise awareness of these issues among MPs and to highlight the need for policy changes.

It will not end in a vote on any of the report’s recommendations but we hope the UK Government will acknowledge the Petitions Committee’s findings and show willingness to act and in turn the States of Jersey and the islands Health officials.

We will keep you posted.