About our charity

Jersey Brain Tumour Charity was originally formed 1 July 2011 to help and support the residents of Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

The inspiration behind this charity is through Sue’s own personal experience and journey where she has recognised the many challenges the diagnosis of a brain tumour bring.

Over the past few years the charity has grown and developed and has already helped and supported many Jersey residents.

Our mission is to ensure that anybody who experiences a brain tumour in Jersey, be it a patient, their family, relative, friends or work colleague have access to information, practical, emotional and financial support.

Our support is confidential and may come by way of:

  • financial contribution - if needed or where speed of action is important;
  • guidance and / or information -  what you may expect or what can make things easier before, after and during a person’s treatment;
  • practical support where dealing with day to day events may prove challenging e.g. being unable to drive, shop etc.
  • advice where there may be issues surrounding insurance, returning to work;
  • contact with professionals and other organisations that can help you further or more appropriately.

Jersey Brain Tumour Charity is not primarily about funding medical research although we will contribute if and when funds allow,
Sue May passionately believes that what she has experienced and continues to experience can help others and she remains committed to make a difference following her own personal journey.

We are here to help so please don’t hesitate to call our Freephone 01534 510867  or email admin@jerseybraintumour.com